Do you allow pick ups for customers who are not located in Toronto?


Yes we do! Please send an email to to arrange for a pick up or alternate delivery time.  You can also fill out our contact form to get in touch.

Do you offer shipping?


Do you  ever deliver outside of the current delivery zones?

At this time the only products we can ship are our "Twix" bars.  This can be pricey as we ship overnight or use 2-day delivery.  Please contact us to arrange for shipping. All shipping costs will be billed to the customer.

We are hoping to offer delivery to the GTA in the near future, please follow us on Instagram to stay informed.  If you are in Toronto but just outside of the delivery zone, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your area.  Deliveries outside of the current delivery zones may incur an extra fee.

How many servings does one pint of ice cream contain?


Are your products nut free?


When will you have vegan ice cream?

Each pint is 473 ml, the same size as a Haagen Daas or Ben & Jerry's pint.  This can serve around 4-6 people.  We do ask that you responsibly indulge in our products as these are treats meant to be eaten on occasion and not as a meal. 

Unfortunately not.  We use nuts quite often in our baking and ice creams.  To be safe, people with nut allergies should not try our products. 

We've just finished testing some great vegan "ice creams"!  So stay tuned to our Instagram for the launch!