Parkdale Rocky Roadrunners (contains gluten and nuts) (discontinued)


Introducing Parkdale Rocky Roadrunners – the Parkdale Roadrunners crew has been expanding and we've joined them with a twist on a classic flavour! Our delicious dark chocolate ice cream is dotted with mini marshmallows and Chinese almond cookies (made from scratch). Join the crew and grab a pint, it's a great post run reward.

A portion of proceeds from every pint will be donated to Parkdale Community Food Bank.

Available in pints starting August 3, 2023. For a limited time only.

This was a limited edition flavour. No longer available.

Ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, dark chocolate, egg yolks, grape sugar, mini marshmallows (with pork gelatine), butter, wheat flour, almond flour, almond extract, whole almonds, whole eggs, skim milk powder, pure almond extract, baking soda, salt