Everything Bagel (contains seeds and gluten)


A nod to the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once. While the Everything Bagel in the movie represents Joy's feelings of nothingness and lack of connection, our Everything Bagel is a fun take on how weird unexpected things can sometimes be amazing. It probably won't fill any voids in your life but maybe it can plug some holes. 

This flavour profile is for sweet + savoury combo fans. For those that like breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast. Subtle cream cheese ice cream with chunks of oniony garlicky sweet seedy crumble. It's kind of weird but in the best way and you probably didn't know you wanted this as an ice cream flavour until you've tried it. 

Ingredients: milk, cream, cream cheese, sugar, egg yolks, skim milk powder, flour, butter, brown sugar, sugar, sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, sea salt, poppy seeds, minced dried onion, dried garlic