Coconut Pecan Party/Surprise Party (may contain nuts and gluten)


Surprise!!! A special flavour we create each month by mixing up two of our rotating flavours. If you see a "SURPRISE PARTY!" sticker on your pint that means it's limited edition and we'll only have it for that month, so get it while you can. Available in pints and in store only.

DECEMBER 2023 | Coconut Pecan Party - coconut ice cream, smoky pecan brittle, cocoa sauce


FEB/MARCH 2023 | Biscoff Cheesecake - cookie butter cheesecake ice cream with chunks of biscoff cookies

DEC 2022 | Caramel Corn - buttered popcorn cream, graham crust crumbs, and caramel swirl

NOV 2022 | Dark Choco + Coconut - dark chocolate ice cream with brown sugar coconut cookies

SEPT 2022 | Brown Butter Brûlée - brown butter + honey + sage ice cream with candied cornflakes from Crème Brûlée